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Statute of limitations Civil Right/ Police Brutality

Posted on : 12-11-2008 | By : Legal Information | In : Civil Rights, Other Legal Topics, Police Brutality, Statute of Limitations


What is the statute to bring a lawsuit for police brutality or civil rights violations in Maryland?

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I read in the paper that a kid that was skateboarding and then was accosted by a police officer recently sued 10 months after the incident. The city claimed that the suit was outside the 180 days of the statute that you can bring a lawsuit. The plaintiff attorney claimed that since the child was a minor that the limitations were not relevant. The motion was allowed and the suit will go on.

Wow, that’s crazy. For some reason I always thought that statute of limitations were usually like 7 years for civil suits. I guess you never know state by state, city by city or type of suit.

Under Child Rights I was told the Constitutional law had no statute of limitations under Humanitarian Law, and Abuse to minors what is a part of Hague Convention and torture.

the laws are fine tuning an reforming to defend children State to State, but then I have heard of minors serving life sentences who are under 14 years old! How could this be is the very start of many questions entering world courts Internationally.

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