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Restraining order against a neighbor

Posted on : 05-14-2008 | By : askinglaw | In : Criminal Law, Other Legal Topics, Restraining Orders


I have a neighbor who lives in front of my house who had threatened to kill my family and I about 1-2 years ago. I filed a complaint to the local sheriff station but nothing came out of it. Ever since, the man has always been harrassing me verbally and with acts like bumping my parked car when he parks in front of my car and leave 1/4 of an inch in between, moving my trash bins away so the trash truck wouldn’t/couldn’t pick them up, “slightly” blocked my driveway, etc…
I’d like to get a restraining order against this person. Can anybody tell my how much the service of an attorney would cost in this case ? I just want the guy to stop the verbal and physical harrassment.
Thank you in advance.

Answers (3)

I dont’ imagine it would take too much money to pay a lawyer to get a restraining order. Just a couple of hours of work. I would do a websearch under the lawyer directory above and find a lawyer that speciallizes in restraining orders. Oftentimes, family attorneys know the ins and outs of restraining and protection orders.

Each state has a different process and different types of restraining orders. There were some recent posts for Maryland restraining orders http://askinglaw.com/how-do-i-get-a-restraining-order-in-baltimore-md/
and California http://askinglaw.com/how-do-i-get-a-restraining-order-in-san-diego-ca/

From these posts, you could probably get a restraining order your self. Just go to your state court website and find the right form, the right type of restraining order, where to file the restraining order, and what type of hearings you have to attend. Still, it might be worth getting an attorney as if you try and slap a restraining order on your neighbor, then he may lawyer up and bring an attorney to the hearing.

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