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NY Post Release Supervision

Posted on : 03-17-2010 | By : Legal Information | In : Criminal Law, Legal Questions, Traffic Tickets, Traffic Violations

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My husband was incarcerated in NY for robbery and was sentenced in 2002 with a flat 5 years with NO post release supervision. He was released in 2007 with NY DOC adding 5 years for post release supervision. He had no family in NY state so NY agreed to let him go to CA on an interstate transfer. In June 2009 his parole officer told him there was no longer any reason for him to check in in July because he was being released early from post release supervision. In August 2009 we moved to Las Vegas and everything was going good and didn’t even think twice about anything happening. Over the weekend, March 2010, he was pulled over for a traffic violation (going 5 over on an exit) when then he was arrested for a fugitive warrant from NY for not checking in with his parole officer. He is now setting at the county jail waiting to see if NY will come and extradite him back. Do you know the time frame they have to come and get him? If they don’t come and get him do they have to release the warrant? I am guessing he is not off of post release supervision since there was a warrant issued? This whole thing is really confusing. Is there anything that can be done?

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they are going to let him go after they find out that he has completed a series of years of prs. by law they was suppose to let the rest of the prs, be camcelled due to the fact that that he completed a good portion of the prs. theres a lawsuit that might materized from they actions after it was found out that he didn’t have to report….. check court of claims prs. <thats the keys words in google u should take it from there

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