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No Soliciting signs, HOAs, and leaving brochures

Posted on : 08-16-2008 | By : Legal Information | In : Homeowners Association, Other Legal Topics, Real Estate Law


I am an Avon Independent Sales Rep in Shelton, WA. I have been leaving brochures in driveways. Usually I have no problem, but lately some HOAs have been saying it is illegal and I have to go back and pick up every brochure in the neighborhood from the driveways. There was no posted “No Soliciting” sign. Telephone books get left that way all the time. They have paid ads in them. What are my rights here? What if there is a “No Soliciting” sign, does that mean I cannot drop off a brochure?

Answers (53)

I read a lot of perspectives here but didn’t see any one talk about my issue. The local newspaper seems to all of a sudden think its okay to come into my privately owned neighborhood, with the no soliciting sign at the brick entrance, on its private road (indicated by the color of the street sign) and throw its plastic wrapped advertiser junk all over our driveways and yards. This looks like crap in my well groomed neighborhood. Now, I have to pick them up. Or the trash collector picks them up if they land in the trash spot. Or if no one is home, no one picks them up. One of the reasons I own a condo is that I travel for work. I am certainly not the only “part time resident” in this neighborhood. The last thing I want outside my home is a pile of newspapers that i didn’t request to be delivered, duh! The newspaper told me today that each homeowner would have to call them to get them to stop throwing their trash in our driveways. That’s 176 units. She didnt ask for my name, maybe I’ll make 176 calls. I’d rather just call the police and report littering. That’s the answer I’m looking for online today.

Bottom line! If you do not have a “No Soliciting” sign on your home. Don’t complain! I don’t care if there is one at the enterence to your snooty neighborhood or Not! Lots of folks in the area are usually happy I came! Sorry about u unhappy snobs who think you are better and/or smarter than I am. ;)

I for one am sick of all the litter that I have to pick up on my property from people who cannot understand a simple no solicitors sign. I find the majority of these people are either pushing their religion and trying to make me buy into their beliefs, and of course politicians who seem to think that they are above the law when it comes to them trying to sell me to vote for them. Just a note I never vote for anyone who cannot understand a sign, and I would never change my beliefs for anyone. It just drives a bigger wedge between everyone when you cannot honor a persons beliefs and try to sell your religion as the only one.

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