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No Soliciting signs, HOAs, and leaving brochures

Posted on : 08-16-2008 | By : Legal Information | In : Homeowners Association, Other Legal Topics, Real Estate Law


I am an Avon Independent Sales Rep in Shelton, WA. I have been leaving brochures in driveways. Usually I have no problem, but lately some HOAs have been saying it is illegal and I have to go back and pick up every brochure in the neighborhood from the driveways. There was no posted “No Soliciting” sign. Telephone books get left that way all the time. They have paid ads in them. What are my rights here? What if there is a “No Soliciting” sign, does that mean I cannot drop off a brochure?

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Of course you can’t, but you know that already.
The law differs depending where you live. Most states have laws that forbid solicitation when signs are posted, but the penalties vary widely. 60% of the states with these laws on the books, solicitation is a misdemeanor. However, multiple offenses could land one in jail. If you see No Solicitation signs, obey them. Why do you think someone who has this sign posted would grant you an exception?

I got an idea. How bout you get a real job where you dont have to bother people when they dont want to be bothered?? Just a thought

Those who tell independent sales reps to get a real job is stupid. It is a real job. It paid for my college and it helped me py for a car. It taught me to be responsible. Now if someone has a no soliciting sign on there home i will not knock there door. So many times i have been in an area that hsa a no soliciting sign. I was there for three days and no one said a thing. i talk to almost the whole neighborhood until a police officer stopped me. He said that someone called him about me. What was that all about. If you dont want someone to solicit at your home post a note that says No Soliciting. Please dont knock. If your selling something we will not buy. Please respect my privacy!
if it was that bi of a problem door to door soliciting would be banned, but it is not. freedom of speech.

Let me get this straight. The default answer is knock on my door unless I post a sign outside that states the contrary? Why do I have to go buy a sign that says, “No Soliciting. Please don’t knock. If your selling something we will not buy. Please respect my privacy!”
Why can’t we just go with the opposite? If I want to buy your crap, I’ll put a sign out front that states, “Please come peddle whatever garbage you want, I must need it if you are selling it at my door!”
I’ve been home an hour and I’ve had 3 people come to my door all ready today. Why do I have to be interrupted all week to tell people to go away?

I am an ICU nurse living in a low-middle class neighborhood. Every week someone rings the door bell.

I am also a block watch captain. I don’t want people in need to be afraid to ring my doorbell.

However, I work overnight. When you or a family member is sick, someone has to staff the hospital 24hrs a day.

NO Soliciting means I need to sleep! DON’T ring and wake me up! Your right to make a living does not supersede my right to privacy and sleep.

Please think before you ring! I will calorie police and no soliciting laws will be enforced.

The Constitution of United States of America 1rst and 14th , The Supreme Court of Unites States Case Straton Ohio Vs Jehova’s Wittnesses this decision go over any HOA, Federal agencie ordenance, state law and or other designation against this decision, The JW no soliciting funds our literature is free, we conduct over 6 million of bible study free in 236 countries of the world, we are not proselytized, we are not peddlers of the word of god, if the people express do not knock my door we respect we take notice and touch again, our contribution in our neighborhoods is free and is availlable Mt 24:14 and Mt 28:18- 20

Than you

Not sure if there was any real legal advice given here. From what I have read, all “No Soliciting” means is you can’t sell something on the spot, not that you can’t deliver information and talk about what your business does.

As far as the people that seem to be anti soliciting, well the reality is that it works as a sales prospecting tactic, however it is a numbers game. More people will turn you away then say yes, but that is fact of life in sales in general. If sales people just waited for people to recognize they have a pain point and correlate it to their service or product most small businesses would go under.

And for the guy that says get a real job, you should put your self out there like that and see what it is like to sell. It is also shown that one of the most lucrative professions in the world is sales. Look at any company and after the executive team the sales team gets paid the most. The reason why it pays so well, is because most people can’t make the cut.

Yes Frank

I totally agree. JW’s are just offering free home bible studies worldwide. People are so fed up with hearing and reading bad news, that we want to bring our neighbors good news, out of LOVE. We just got ran out of a subdivison from an HOA representive(she claimed) and said that the NO Solicitation law, prohibits us from being in her area. We peacefully left the area, again we are out because of our Love for our work and our neighbor, but we keep PEACE in mind. Romans 12:18, be peaceable to ALL..

I just went to work for a company that does automotive advertising. 8 oil changes and a bunch of other services for two years for 79.95… I’ve been in the car business over 20 years and that’s a great deal. When people buy a good product the salesman is doing them a favor. Not only that, I saw my team leader make over $700 in 3 days… right in front of my eyes… this guy was polite, and he worked hard, and earned his money. Is that a crime?

People love to talk about how this country needs more small businesses to get the economy going. They love to talk about how much they love to support local business.

Here is the problem: how does a new local small business that offers a service (not a product) reach its customers?

Call them? Nope! “Do Not Call” List.
Hand out flyers? Nope! No solicitation to people.
Post flyers in the grocery store? Nope! No solicitation of business on the boards.
Put flyers on cars? Nope! No solicitation.
Door-to-door? Nope! No solicitation.
Mail postcards? Nope! There is a list for that, too.
E-Mail? Nope! Spam blockers.

What is there left to do? Sit around and wait for a customer to just call me without ever seeing my info? Spend an outrageous amount of money for a small newspaper ad that gets overlooked anyway? Spend MASSIVE bucks and get a horrid used-car-salesman-type commercial that will play on local TV stations that no one watches?

If I can not actually let my customer know I am here, how do I survive?

I do not understand why it is so hard for people to not answer the door if they don’t want to, say “No, thanks” if they don’t want something, and refuse to answer the phone if they don’t recognize the number.

All of this “I need my privacy via my front yard” nonsense is killing businesses. What is so private about the entranceway to your home? What is so invasive about reading material?

I am so tired of being made to feel like trash for trying to get my business up and running. What am I supposed to do? Friend everyone on Facebook? Next there would be a “Do not Friend” list!

Hillary- your right it is very difficult; however, I found a way! It is called Groupon, and Living Social. These are web sights that people sign up for to receive deals from businesses in their local area. I did a “Groupon” for my company in March. The feed back was great! In 2 days people bought almost 500 of my services I was offering. If you haven’t heard of it, you should try it.

“Boo-hoo. Small business sales and marketing is sooo hard. You privacy and “no soliciting” nuts make it so much harder for me to make a buck. Waa!”

Give me a break! Successful, credible and legitimate businesses are built by selling trust above all else. If Customers can’t trust a business or rep to respect their wishes as expressed with a clearly posted “No Soliciting” sign, the trust is gone.

If you want to get the word out, try a creatively designed flyer. Nosy sales people knocking on my door can take a hike.

In the age of Groupon and other social media channels, door-to-door soliciting should go the way of the Dodo bird.

Small businesses with unique products, services and/or marketing that build trust will be successful.

BTW, in my experience the majority of sales people that knock tend to be from very large organizations like AT&T, Time-Warner, Mormons, Scientologists and Political Groups. The are rarely small business reps. But when it is, they are often the most indignant and rude as if I should be honored to have them at my door step.

I was recently working in a “no-soliciting” area. On Saturday two seperate households greeted me with arms wide open. They were excited that I was there to help them get services that they had been thinking about already. I made it easier for them to get those services.
Yes, they live in a “no-soliciting” area; but, they did not vote to make it a “no-soliciting” area. As a home owner, small business owner and sales rep for another company, it is difficult for me to keep up with the latest and greatest. Why should I be denied the ability to talk to someone at my home who may have something that I am interested in because someone else (usually a small bureaucracy) has voted to make my neighborhood a “no-soliciting” area.
What has happened to the individual making decisions for their own household?
I have also spoken to people at their homes who had “no-soliciting” signs on them that were glad I stopped. They bought my services. Many times “no-soliciting” signs are on houses because they were just left on the house when the new resident moved in, and they really don’t have a problem with people knocking.
People who don’t want someone to knock on their door are the exception and not the rule. Most sales people are friendly, outgoing and interesting. They break up the monotony.
On the side of those who don’t want people to knock on their door, I think it would be best if the sign on their door was similar to a renewable license so that the sales people know for a fact the current resident does not wish to be disturbed.
(I would have to also add that if you don’t want me to knock on your door to support my family by offering you a product or service that is beneficial to you, legal, moral and ethical, then don’t knock on my door to borrow a cup of sugar or invite me to any organization that you might be involved with.)

How about “If I don’t know you, I’ll open the door with a pistol in my hand”. All this crap about someone’s right to knock on my door is just that – crap. It’s my yard, my porch, my front door and my privacy.
Stay away!

The reason phonebooks can be left regardless of the sign is because people pay for telephone service so they are alloud to leave a phone book. If someone buys avon from you and one day they put up a sign you can still drop off a brochure because they already do buisness with you

This country was built on and runs on solicitation. Without it – this country stops.

For many years I worked a brick-mailbox building business and a curb number business. I’d put out hundreds of fliers a day – posted on paperboxes and mb-posts – in targeted areas of town. This was the only way to market the business. / If I put an ad in the paper or phonebook I’d be running all over town, spending all my time on the road and on gas, I’d have to triple my prices and no one would order.

Everyday I’d see more subdivisions posting “no soliciting” signs at the entrances. If I respected the signs – I would’ve starved to death. Most HOAs are run by 3 or 4 old ladies dictating their crap to their whole neighborhood. They have absolutely no (0) right to speak for everyone.

Please note – posting a sign does not make a law. Any bozo can post any sign saying anything but it’s illegal without a permit. Otherwise how many prejudice people would post “no blacks” signs.

You cannot make your neighborhood a government with your own laws. Our tax money pays for their streets, their sewer systems, their fire departments, the police departments, etc….

Most “no soliciting signs” posting at the entrances of neighborhoods are illegal.

I’m in sales myself but I can’t stand people knocking on my door. I contacted my HOA to see if there is anything we can do to post signs at the neighborhood entrances….the signs would guide/encourage solicitors to our website where we will post their flyers and biz cards in a monthly newsletter in return for not traversing our neighborhood. My HOA says this would be illegal to put up a sign since the streets and sidewalks are public property. Then I check with my city and the ordinance says that all solicitors have to have a permit to solicit on public property. So I can only post a sign in my yard and assume the solicitor not only has a permit but will obey my sign. Such BS!

I love solocitors. They normally give me something for free. I get my rug shampooed every year for free. Ialso get to interact with people trying to begin something for themselves. Normally low educated people that feel they are better than minimum wage but can’t offord to get a masters degree. My friends sun started door to door because he couldn’t offord school, he was able to take his experience and get a “real job” lol. This is america land of the fee to pursuit any life they want. If you don’t like it you can always move. You can move to another country where you can just shoot people for knocking on your door.

Can these people and businesses be prosecuted under existing littering or public niusance laws for leaving flyers and cards or attempting to disturb the peace of all the residents in a given neighborhood? My wife is home with our newborn son and, without exageration, there is at least one knock on our door every day from a god-botherer or damned sales person or scam artist hawking a product no one should buy at a price only the uninformed or elderly would consider. Its a pox on our neighborhood and im really tired of it.

To everyone here who says soliciting is not a crime and that you should have the right to sell something in this fashion, I agree – you have every right to sell what you want, in accordance with all local ordinances, ON PUBLIC PROPERTY You have no right to access anything on my private property – this includes my driveway, my patio, my porch, and most of all, my god-damn front door. The reason those privacy lists (like anti-span, no-call, etc) lists exists is because people have abused a priviledge and those forms of advertising have become niusances. To the business owner complaining about this – just remember that when you use these services, you associate yourself and your business with something that annoys prospective customers. Not a great way to drum up business.

I go after these bastards with a 2X4. Who’d bother someone with anything who doesn’t want it? Idiots who deserve to be beaten.

There are a lot of people on here who have B*LLS just because you think you’re anonymous on the internet! You’re so brave! Dave, how about I take YOUR 2X4 and beat YOU senseless with it! You’re an F*cking degenerated moron! That goes for AHOLE, what D*ckhead would be proud to call himself/herself that in the FIRST place, CJ, you MUST live in a real DUMP I live in a condo and rarely have door-to-door intrusions, Jack, TJTEX you’re really disturbed how about if you LOOK at ME I’ll blow YOUR head off, that’s some logic you got there cause what you said basically amounts to the same kind of rational!, VINSO, you’re just a F*cking hypocrite! you don’t want to buy but you want to sell your Sh*T WTF!, Allen, sh*t up! FUNDRAISERS ARE NOT SOLICITATIONS! Unless I am directly profiting from the sale and it is for charity! IT IS NOT SOLICITING! Obviously you are anti-children most of you or you’d understand that public school get extra money by selling fundraising products! So do sports teams, boy and girl scouts! ANTI SOLICITING individual are just saying what sounds more gentile then the obvious THEY ARE ANTI-SOCIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*D*ckhead/ B*tch**it’s not for charity! If it IS for
charity* *individuals*

My grammatical corrections because I know what D*uches the people I am setting straight are! P.S. What goes around comes around and i’d hate to be one of you I have addressed when it does!

I myself make a living by door to door sales. As far as soliciting goes, im not, because im not actually selling a product on the spot. According to the laws posted on the DA website where i am, as long as im not selling anything on the spot, then im not soliciting. As far as trespassing goes, the only way i would be doing that is if you told me to get off your porch and i didnt, or you had a sign posted.

These subdivisions posting no soliciting signs have no jurisdiction, HOAs do not make their own laws, its up to the city and the county. Everywhere has a different ordinance on it, and it doesnt take much to find the info for your city/county.

One last note, us so called “solicitors” have the best deals on the planet! You have to have some kind of great offer to be interupting someones day, and we always do! Maybe if some of you wonderful people would take 3 minutes of your precious time away from your computer or tv, you could be a part of what everyone else is getting.

wow. i am a brand new realtor, fresh out of school. i have not lived in my area very long and do not know how to get word out that i am working in the neighborhood should someone be interested in buying or selling a home. you’re right, businesses survive on serving their customers well, but when you are a new business, how do you propose people get the word out that they exist? I looked on here to see the laws regarding leaving a brochure or business card in a door or something similar, because I do not like getting my door knocked on, and dont want to knock on anyone else’s. i cant see what the big deal is with some of you about leaving a brochure…i thought it would be a nice way to say “hello, should you need these services in the future I am more than happy to help” i get tons of ads in my mailbox every day, if i dont want it, i throw it in the trash. you people are really a little overboard wanting to shoot people for advertising something you might otherwise not have known was available. its not high pressure sales, it’s a brochure. didnt realize people were so damn mean…we are just trying to feed our families like the rest of you.

Selling Avon products or anything door to door is a real job idiots, you are your own boss and you have unlimited income potential. People who say get a real job are the ones from sit behind a desk in an office for 8 hours and get told what to do, and takes 30 minute lunch breaks. If you call getting told what to do for 8 hours a real job than more power to you. F.uck people who don’t like solicitors!

We have a sign on our door that clearly says “No Soliciting”. However sometimes people ignore it – and they get a rather rude tone from me for ignoring the posted sign. In our town soliciting door to door requires a permit. With that permit is a map of neighborhoods that are restricted from door solicitations. Again, some people ignore it. Those that do ignore it with or without permits by the town are cited and fined. Because the word got out most door solicitors avoid our town because of the fines.

Girl scouts and other fund raising efforts, even religious must apply for a permit and setup a table outside the nearby Walmart or grocery store. Those girl scouts are raking in much more money than they were before going door to door.

While I can see how small businesses can suffer because of no soliciting signs, at the same time, I think that small business owners need to work with the multitude of sources out there on the Internet. Do some research. First off, you can buy phone numbers from different companies. The price can range from 25-75 dollars, or their might be an annual fee for the use of the company’s service. These particular phone numbers do NOT appear on the donotcall registry. So you won’t be breaking any laws by calling these people. Or you can send things through the mail. There is absolutely no law that states that you can’t send a brochure or flier through the mail. Just think of all the brochures that you probably get at home that you didn’t sign up for. You can also buy mailing lists from companies that are based on demographics. So, for example, if your small business caters to the elderly, then you can purchase a mailing list that is directed at this demographic. And finally, you can create your own website for free using a site like Wix. If you really work on the key words in the website text, people who are looking for your service will find your website. Basically what I’m saying is that if no soliciting signs are ruining your small business, then it because you are working with the technology that is out there- most of it is free or costs a small price. This isn’t the era of Arthur Miller’s The Death of a Salesman. This is an era where small businesses thrive on sites like ebay, amazon, or etsy. If you don’t know this, then you didn’t do enough research.
My other response to the posts on here has to do with the definition of soliciting. Soliciting, according to OED, means selling or advocating. This means that advocates for political parties or religious denominations are included in soliciting. While I respect the blogger’s post about spreading love through religious beliefs, at the same time, you have to recognize that maybe someone is not of your denomination. Or maybe this person doesn’t feel love through religion. Maybe they see their spiritual life as being personal. So while your intent is admirable, you aren’t respecting the people you are claiming to love.
Also, I know that there are great deals to be had from solicitors, but sometimes I’m simply not interested. For example, today a solicitor stopped by selling steaks for three dollars. I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t care if he was selling them for fifty cents. I’m simply not interested. If I am interested in purchasing any kind of product, I will do an internet search. I am a professor and researcher by profession, so I know how to look things up and find deals. Not to mention, the deals on the Internet are often-times much cheaper than in-store products.
What I think has been omitted from this post is the importance of family time. People are constantly complaining about the decline in families, yet, most solicitors stop by my house on the weekends- the only time that I have with my family. So how is what they are selling more important than me spending time with my family? It isn’t.
For advocates of soliciting, have you ever considered that some people work from home? Both my husband and I work from home. I teach mostly online classes. So if a solicitor stops by during the week, they are ringing the doorbell and interrupting my paid labor. I’m sorry, but times have changed. More and more people are working from home, so when solicitors stop by and ring the doorbell, they are preventing someone else from working. In my case, this would be two people in the same home.
And finally, I’ve worked very hard to pay for a home. I lived in apartments with disgusting management for a very long time, and now I finally have a place to call my own. I shouldn’t have to buy a sign or justify my right to privacy. Ironically, I never had trouble with solicitors until I purchased a home. Since then, I’ve had many shady characters show up here claiming to be this and that, but it is clear that they aren’t what they claim to be. We had a big hail storm a year ago and directly afterwards, all these “roofers” showed up in an effort to repair my hail-damaged roof. None of them had company vehicles, uniforms, business cards, nothing. They were clearly scammers coming into my area because they thought they could sell someone a roof that would never be built. Many of the advocates for soliciting on here don’t realize that not everyone coming to your door is what they claim to be. I have begun to feel like I’m fending off the wolves every time my doorbell rings. I didn’t spend over a decade saving for a home just so that I can provide a landing pad for shady scammers. So maybe these are some things to keep in mind. What our society needs is not more solicitors, but rather, some respect for differences in opinion or ways of life.

Well, I have one of those signs, A few years ago, a sierra club canvasser showed up and knocked until my husband, who had just had surgery, came to the door. he explained he was ill and she insisted on staying on the doorstep and giving him a pitch. When he finally got rid of her, several hours later, another one arrived and jumped up and down hysterically on the porch insisting we had to support the cause. I got rid of her and complained to the Club, but they condescendingly told me it was their right to come to my house. Who needs this?

I happen to be a law student with years of legal experience and am on the board of my HOA. We have a no soliciting sign posted in our subdivision at the entrance, which routinely goes ignored. If a no soliciting sign is posted, it means by you being on the premises peddling whatever it is you’re selling, you’re breaking the law. I don’t care if you were able to talk with residents (who may or may not be renters with no say in what’s allowed). Ignoring a no solicitation sign equates to you being a trespasser. Churches count as solicitors as well since I’ve had this argument with every church that’s come through. They aren’t “selling” anything so they can be there…really? So all of your church members attend for free and nobody is expected to make weekly donations, pay a fee to a charity, etc? Who do you think you’re kidding? Here’s something I bet you never thought about. If a neighborhood says no soliciting and you ignore the sign and there’s been a break-in or other crime, who do you think the police will come to first? Someone who trespassed. Furthermore, when you’re told to leave then LEAVE. Do not stand there and argue with homeowners, who pay property taxes and mortgages, that you have a right to stand on their property when they’ve told you they don’t want you there. This is not a right you’re entitled to unless your name is on the deed. If you want to advertise, find a creative way that’s legal because all you’re doing is alienating potential customers with your arrogance.

It’s my understanding that unless you have a postage stamp on it, you cannot just leave brochures or other printed materials at my door. Or anyone else’s. :-)

I have a sign posted on my door. Solicitors (vacuum cleaners, religious, television services, etc) come to my door. After the SECOND no they are persistent with their pitches and its annoying. Say what you must but no one has the right to invade another’s property. I shouldn’t have had to BUY a sign or repeatedly tell someone no. Each bad apple ruins the rest. Knock it off and find another resource like banner ads, phone books, or the newspaper. If that doesn’t work than find another business venture. Its never think its OK to invade someone’s property. No soliciting means no solicitation.

No signs ? How would you know if it’s a private neighborhood? We have a sig that states “no trespassing, no soliciting, private property”
According to the state’s attorney general, municipal codes and the police, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT IT MEANS.. KEEP OUT !!! Nothing over rides the privacy of your property, unless a firkin UFO lands there.

You all should do more research on topics…

Please review this US Supreme Court Case

Schneider v. State – 308 U.S. 147 (1939)

Have fun.. It’s a right to distribute information.

I go door to door in neighborhoods, but I have full knowledge of the laws in my jurisdiction. Here, like many other parts of the US, there is no law specifically forbidding solicitation in residential neighborhoods. HOA’s may set up a no solicitation sign, but there are no penalties if it is not observed. But that doesn’t mean folks have free reign either. The same is true for a residence. However, if a solicitor is being intrusive, disrupting the peace, or seems illegitimate the police may be involved to remove the harassment.

As someone who visits neighborhoods, I typically observe households with a sign posted. If the sign is faded, appears to be very old, or isn’t seen until after I knock on the door I will speak with the resident. I am always cognizant and keep the mindset that I am a guest. If the resident is uninterested, I will apologize for the interruption and visit the next home. There is no need to argue because at that point, you will not make any kind of sale.

Some unscrupulous people will stalk an area by knocking on doors. If an individual knocks on your door, I suggest that you acknowledge it. Regardless if you have no intention of doing business, it would alert the person that someone is home and may deter a theft or break in. If you do not feel comfortable opening the door, ask them to leave some information that you may pick up at a later time. Most jurisdictions require a permit or license to solicit. Ask the individual to show theirs. If they are unable to produce one, close and lock your door and call the police.

I realize my presence is seen as a nuisance, that is why I am as polite as I can be. But always remember, you absolutely have every right to say no… the power belongs to the resident. However, some products and services that are delivered on the door step do hold some value. You might miss out on something you never considered before.

You might find me knocking on your door soon. I’ll be the one smiling, carrying a permit in my pocket, and very polite. Please be kind to me. :)

Wow! You guys should read this thread sometime! Here you have people trying to make a living and then you have the All Wise and Powerful A**Holes telling them to “get a real job, this is my kingdom and I should never have to look at you.” Some country we live in, thank you educated and holy ones for your presence in this thread. You people make me sick!

This isn’t about my kingdom and I should never have to look at you” this is about people repeatedly coming to your home your private space and disturbing you. I’ve had JW come to my home 6x in the last 4 weeks each time was between 6-8am n the morning the knocked and knocked and knocked woke me up then despite my no soliciting sign they were rude and pushy started reading some bible passage when I asked them to leave and me asking them not to come to my home with this religious crap and that I find it offensive they have continued visiting weekly and leaving crap on my door. It’s not just them people coming by to offer gardening leaf pick up Avon Mary Kay ect ect ect any given week I have 20 people banging on my door its invasive, disruptive and annoying! You may feel you have right to make a living, advertise, give your sales pitch, or pass out literature but I have a rights to a home is a safe haven where one should be able to sleep, relax and enjoy their privacy. Bottom line it is MY home on MY property and I set the rules there period, so if there is a sign that says no soliciting leave me the hell alone! You people selling stuff think solely on basis of your needs wants you think what’s the big deal if I stop by and knock on your door well guess what there are dozens of you stopping in thinking the same thing and all these stop by people really start to add up for homeowners. Advertise phone book, penny saver, news paper, online, mailers, or whatever but you don’t need to be showing up at my door at my home uninvited and unwelcome.

As I sit here and read some of you people screetching and yelling, you guys are the ones that WE as contractors hope NOT to run into, however we do. Unfortunately those of you that find a simple door ring to be the ultimate intrusion are also the most miserable and usually ANYTHING can set you off on a rampage, there are meds for that ya know.

If you take a moment to THINK about it…. your TV, telephone, and damn near every single other outlet IS soliciting in one shape way or form however, they usually cost a locally owned and operated business far more than they gear in revenue. So as a business owner ask yourself if YOU would spend thousands of dollars in a “traditional” form of advertising to only see MAYBE 5% of that back……you know the answer, NO! Door to door sales reps are usually paid a commission, the more they work, the more they sell, the more they earn. 9 times out of 10 they earn more than a $ an hour job. They also work a helluva lot harder than the mediocre jackasses just looking for a next paycheck.

JUST to educate you for a moment, the FIRST FORM OF ADVERTISING WAS DOOR TO DOOR!!! Its called “Word of Mouth Advertising” and it was around before all electronics, so I think we belong here just as much as anyone else does if NOT more.

For those of you saying “Go get a real job” SHOW me a job that I can make $300+ in 3 hours and by all means I’ll give it a shot, but as it stands right now I work 20 hours a week and make over a grand, YUPPP you read that right! OVER A GRAND A WEEK going door to door. So please forgive me if I don’t take your opinions to heart because odds are, I make more, work less and am MUCH happier than you are in your dead end desk job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you that state the HOA No soliciting signs, well, guess what, THEY AREN’T LEGAL!! Yup, you read that right too, THEY ARE NOOOOTTTT LEEEGGGALLLLLL!! The ones posted on individual doors, those are. I usually don’t/won’t knock on a door with a sign, however, it happens sometimes and usually THOSE customers BUY MORE from me than the next house!!!!!

Door to Door sales reps DO have a hard job, we get to deal with all kinds of assholes ALLLLLL DAYYYYY long!! However, if you take 5 seconds to listen to the next rep at your door you MIGHT just find out that they have a good deal in their hands. We sell promotions geared towards new customer acquisition for locally owned and operated businesses that would rather invest 10,000 in freebies for the customers than to spend it in some large scale conglomerate hog. What I do, what my company does, stimulates the local economy. The customers get freebies, the business gets new long-term customers that often times would never have known the company existed unless we told them, and then my sales guys make money to spend in our local economy. See how that works?? See how well it works?? Its a stimulation all the way around….more than what I can say our ((coughgag)) President promised.

Moral of the story, just because someone has a job that YOU personally COULDN’T HANDLE don’t knock them, don’t down them, don’t talk shit to them, because odds are, they work harder than you do and they damn sure put up with more shit from a lot more assholes than you do and they at least have a job and aren’t a welfare recipient living off your hard earned tax dollars. Oh, and of course take a look at the deal, never know, it MIGHT actually be something your interested in but you wouldn’t know that unless you keep your temper in check and let them talk for at least 5 seconds…..

Wow where do you people live I live in Las Vegas NV and I get a door to door salesmen about once every three months and what is stopping people from closing the door as long as you continue to talk so will they be smarter then the salesmen. And i have never had a salesmen say anything but sorry for bothering me and thank you for the time when i tell them no so maybe it where you live

I have admiration for people who hit the streets and try to make a honest buck. I’ve turned plenty of door to door sale people away but I don’t look down on them or treat them poorly. The way you behave, towards anybody, is a reflection on you. Go a head and “bawhumbug, you kids get off my lawn. No solicitor.” At the end of the day, the salesman will continue down the street letting it roll off his back and you’ll have to live with the miserable person in the mirror.

I’m pretty sure that everyone who has mentioned a court case in their posts is illiterate. Watchtower Society v. Village of Stratton was a ruling on the village’s registration requirements and Schneider v. New Jersey assumed that recipient were willing to receive pamphlets, etc. The obvious reason that none of these cases apply to areas with anti-solicitation laws is that there are anti-solicitation laws all over the US. If you didn’t even understand the Wikipedia article, don’t mention legal matters in your post.

Most importantly, none of these cases deal with “no soliciting” signs. If I have such a sign, and you solicit anyway, I would assume that this constitutes trespassing (in many municipalities the law is explicit on this point). By the way, since “soliciting” literally means “asking,” your intention to knock on my door is soliciting. You are asking me to open the door (people I invite over don’t have to ask, I’ve already agreed). IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU ARE SELLING/PROFITING. You could be religious, working for a charity, or part of a political campaign; it doesn’t matter. At the very least you are asking for my time. The sign means you can’t have it.

For the idiot that says: freedom of speech. How about trespassing? Once you step into my property without invitation you are trespassing. I too have a ” no soliciting” sign, and still have bothering jerks. I’m very ill and my sleep pattern is out of control. To answer your question, in my state you can be arrested for ignoring the sign, specially when it’s on the doorbell. Some day I might be so stress out that I might just call the cops if not aim a gun at their face. I’m not violent, however, why do you think that people enjoy being home to be bothered? Do you live in the 1800′s? We have phones, even computers, if I need a painter or perfume, candles or a new window, don’t you think that I’m capable of knowing my needs prior to you ringing my bell? Or are you thinking that I never heard of a newspaper? Wait, you feel that everyone is a sucker, like I need you to come to my door, pissing me off but at the same time you can make me spend my money on something that I am not interested in. You want to sell your product without being annoying? Well, go to the town and get a license and venders permit, go to a busy intersection ( if allowed ) and place a table. You could also ask a retailer in your neighborhood ( that doesn’t sell your product ) and rent a sidewalk space. There are lots of way to sell your merchandise without being annoying. Today I was awaken by a jerk after 10 minutes of sleep in the last 43 hours, I’m sick of solicitors and from today on, I’m reporting it. Maybe I should just ask the solicitor for his ID, memorize the address and then go ring their bell at 2:00AM

Freedom of speech applies to public land. Not coming to my door and think you can sit there talking all you want. Freedom of speech is you standing on the street trying to sell me something. How dumb are you that… You even brought that up, as a door to door salesman. No wonder you need to ask us instead of calling the town hall, the city or police. You are asking people that hate what you do. What answers did you expect? I’ll teach you how to be a salesperson, I have been a salesman since I was 8 years old, never I thought of being successful while being annoying. Door to door has a .04% rate. If you can not do at least a 7% rate, you need to give up. That means; for every 100 doors you need better than 7 sales. Take the time, expenses on fuel and vehicle maintenance plus insurance to drive you around. Then compare to the net sales, and your profit is minimum as a door to door sales person. I was 8 years old when I started selling oranges and peanuts, bus stops was the key. Arrivers and departures are tired and hungry of sitting in a bus or waiting for the bus. By the time I was 10, I was making more money than most family man. My point is, since door to door sales is your way of making a living, email me, I will guide you to success without being annoying. Good luck

I’m a very calm, cool and collected person, unfortunately today this poor salesman caught me in a terrible day. Though I have a no soliciting sign, I still answer the door. Now that I’m rested I can actually tell you why I have the sign and I wish that it wasn’t ignored. I have 3 dogs that: first off the bell is annoying to their ears and the knock isn’t any better. Then there’s the issue of having the dogs scratch the wall and door as they keep on barking, then of course if I open the door, I have to keep them from running out. Once one of them actually forced himself through the gap. That person had the guts to tell me that I should keep my dog on a leash. Seriously? Who keeps dogs on a leash inside the house? She told me that I should have done before I opened the door!!! Does any of this make sense? I’m sure that to some of you we have a sign because we are jerks. But each one of us have different issues, that no soliciting sign should be respected. I’m sure some of you find it ok because you need to make a living. If I see that unannounced visitors cause my dogs stress, walls and doors damage, you should stay away. I have had my door and wall repaired do to trick or treaters. As much as I enjoy seeing kids having fun, I now have to sit in my driveway handing out candy to keep my dogs calm. Is it fair for me to give you a bill for the damages? Is it fair for you to the animal abuse you cause due to the stress? I don’t need to be home, my home, my time to rest and have this happen. Now I ask you, those that have the no soliciting sign do not want you there, the odds of you selling something are zero, so why do you feel it’s worth the aggravation to the homeowner. The time you waste there you might have success next door. For every home that has the sign you spend 10 minutes talking knowing they will not buy, so if you hit 10 homes with the sign you wasted 100 minutes. That’s is terrible business. Meanwhile you now lost the time you could have with potential sales. Use your head, you wouldn’t spend 10 minutes trying to sell windows to a homeless person, right? Of course not. You will never sell me anything either. I buy when I’m good and ready regardless the price. I buy what I need when I need, I don’t look for coupons or sale days. So the odds of you selling me something at my door is impossible. I’m not a deal hunter. Now if everyone that has a no soliciting sign is like me, you are a terrible salesman. You guys need to make a plan and stick to it and execute. The average sales on door to door to those that have a no soliciting sign is less than .5%. It’s like hitting 250 homes to make a sale when homes without the sign is 7 in 100. If you are a firm, tell your salesmen to use a better judgment. Look at the front yard, if you see old flyers, brochures or business cards and there’s a no soliciting sign, don’t waste your time. Look at the landscape, see how clean the house and windows are, how the vehicles look. Those are sign of whether people care or not. Even if you are selling a front door and theirs is broken, if you see beer cans in the front yard, 99% the door is broken because the beer is more important. For 40 years I made business succeed above expectations on my programs. All because there is a formula to succeed in sales. Get off your butts and hit the right homes, your sales feed you and your families, a wasted minute is a lost dollar. Good luck and sorry if I offended anyone.

Hey Choirman. It is very sad that you actually paid for college considering the fact that your post is full or grammatical errors and words which are spelled incorrectly and in some cases, you actually used the wrong word. By the way, Freedom of Speech laws to not apply to soliciting. They are completely different. Just because the constitution gives you freedom of speech, doesn’t mean you have the right to solicit. Most communities have laws requiring solicitors to check in with the police department before canvassing a neighborhood.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are not just offering free home bible study, they are recruiting, believe me I was one until I found out the truth, then I was ostracized and banned.

Warmer weather is here as is everyone with a stack of ads to litter the neighborhood with. While the SCOTUS has ruled that it is free speech and you can’t stop them, we can turn the tables on those who see our homes as economic targets.
My sign states:
“No solicitations of any kind.
Each solicitation or persuasion presented at (your address here) will be charged $758 for consideration.”

Take a time/date stamped photo of the sign, you’ll need it when you take them to court. Always follow through by sending the offenders a bill for $758 net 30 with an APR much like your credit card company charges you.

It’s just business for them, make it just business for you. Smile, look and listen to the wonderful free speech the SCOTUS has sent to you. It can actually be fun if you keep the right attitude.

That’s my two cents, take it for what its worth.

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