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Walmart shoplifting - loss prevention amounts? How much does Walmart lose annually due to shoplifting? It has to be millions of dollars.


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I was injured in a car accident. what is going to happen... This is confusing so I hope you understand it. I was a passenger in a truck. We were slammed from behind as we were stopped. The accident was the driver of the other cars fault. She was speeding and not...


Child custody issue, Can a dad give a14 year old daughter... Can a dad give a 14 year old daughter a drug test and state more are to come while she is on his visitation without the consent of mom? She gets straight A's, on stucco, JV cheer leading and has won...


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Is there any help out there? Lien on 25 acres?

Posted on : 03-20-2012 | By : Legal Information | In : Bankruptcy & Debt, Legal Questions



My Mother has Alzheimer’s and she needs to be placed in a Nursing Home. I am unable to do that. She has Medicare but not Medicaid. I have been told if I apply for Medicaid they will put a lien on the 25 acres of Property that used to be my Father’s. He passed away in October 2010 and the property has been in my name as well as my four other siblings since June 2010. I have been told the property has to be in our names for 5 years before they can’t touch it. Is there any way to get around that?

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