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How many people can legally rent a 2 bedroom apartment in CA

Posted on : 06-07-2008 | By : askinglaw | In : Landlord Laws, Other Legal Topics, Real Estate, Real Estate Law, Tenant Law, Zoning


We have recently heard there is a law in California that forbids a family of 6 (2 parents and 4 children) from renting a 2 bedroom apartment (with VERY large bedrooms). Can you clarify for me ? THANKS.

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It is really up to the apartment complex. Most apartment complex’s including those in California have rules on how many residents are allowed to stay in 2-3-4 bedroom units. Its typically one person per room excluding living rooms etc. So if you have 2 adults and a child most apartment comlexes will demand you rent a 3 bedroom unit. Some complexes will allow you to rent a 2 bedroom unit depending upon the age of the child.

How many people can live in a 1 bed room home with a large family room?

The above comment is rather conservative. CA has a 2+1 law actually, allowing 2 adults plus one child per room. So, a 1 bedrm apartment can have a family of 3, or a 2 bedroom apartment can definitely have 4. This is the firecode standard, and my apartment just informed me, since we live in a 1.5bedroom with now a new baby, so 2 +2, and we need to now move into a 2 bedroom.

there is a family with one adult and 6 children moving into a 2 bedroom in my complex, is this allowed?

Im so irritated I live right below a family of 7. 4 kids and 2 adults. Im going CRAZY. My landlord is a slum lord. What can I do? Im seriously loosing it. They have no consideration im forced to turn up my radio and my tv to drain out all the noise.

We live in what used to be a nice complex with all large 2 bedroom 2 bath apartments. Within the last year the management has allowed MANY families of 2 adults and 3 kids plus move in here so they can get their vacancy up. In front of our apartment is a nice little grass area where we now have 10-15 kids screaming and yelling from 3pm-8pm because their parents send them over to play with our neighbors kids. We have asked several times for them to be quiet and were now getting attacked for being non-kid friendly! What can we do about this and how they are letting all these large families move into these 2 bedroom apartments??


How many people are allowed to live in a 1 bedroom apartment in Arizona? … If I live with my mom and 6 year old son, would I be allowed to rent a 1 bedroom apartment?

Kendall, I really hope that you are living with peace by now. I am in similar situation. Two words “Irresponsible Owner” and “Irresponsible Parent”. Annoying isn’t the word! It is suffering. I was close to have nervous bread down.
Call the Police Department for “Disturing the Peace”! Owner will be charge for the calls. They don’t make profit from renting, if they get charge for the disturbance. Take care!

To Cristina: Learn how to count 4 adults + 2 children = 6 NOT 7….

Maria must be a mexican.

haha funny how Christina doesn’t know how to count but even funnier that Maria doesn’t know how to read!

What I find hilarious is; Christina can’t count, Maria can’t read and Valerie doesn’t know proper English. (“funnier” is not a word) So, this thread is full of nothing but dumb bitches. Lmao

Lolita must be black.

Haha actually Lolita is of Spanish origin also. That’s quite the conundrum.

Uh….actually, funnier IS a word…..

What is really strange is that the last 4 posts are dated October 2011. Today is July 11 2011, these people are speaking to us from the future. I guess everyone is still a dumbass 3 months from now.

people next to me have 5 adults and 4 kids living in a 3 bedroom apartment in az can they do that.

all of this is quite amusing .. seems people just do not give a crap about what is allowed and not allowed as far as how many people can legally occupy a two bedroom apartment … I would just like someone to give me an answer to this question as it applies to to the laws in Phoenix Arizona IF ANYONE HAS A CLUE OR CAN POINT ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION TO GET AN ANSWER LET ME KNOW , THANKS .. OZZY1951@GMAIL.COM

sounds like a whole bunch of people just bitching about things they have no clue how to resolve .. get a life !

I think it doesn’t matter if you are mexican, black, asian or whatever as long as you learn how to respect others and teach your kids to respect others the way you will like to be respected because all we do is judge people by what race they are that is so wrong.

Angela I completely agree with you.

@Eric: The fact that you tried to prove a point here is nothing but useless; yet, you triple checked your little paragraph (I’m 100% sure of this) to make sure you used proper grammar and punctuation correctly.

Those were good five minutes wasted of your life! Now, that’s extremely hilarious I will say! Don’t you concur?


you all should live in the same complex lol

If the children are unsupervised, then your neighbors could lose there children, most states has laws that state that! social services can take there children from them for letting the come over unsupervised. Check that out on Google in you state?

why is it that a white anglo woman with two 2 kids of a diffrent sex has to have athree bed room apt. but hispanics can have who knows how many?

Whatever: you have me cracking up. Seriously laughing out loud

All of you complaining about kids, noise etc…. Do not want to deal with that ??? Then buy your own f***** house and shut the f*** up man!!!!

Hey Eric, Are you that miserable with you own life that you sit behind a computer screen & discredit people, for there mistakes in spelling & mathematical skills???? Look dude, get a LIFE!!!!! These people are on here trying to find the correct laws to abide by!!!! At least they are SMART ENOUGH TO DO THAT!!!!! Also, who cares if someone is black? YOU ARE ONE OF THIS WORLDS MANY MANY MORONS THAT HAVE HELPED MAKE THIS WORLD THE WAY IT IS TODAY!!!!!

Hahaha, these posts are hilarious! I came looking for properry information instead I find jokes about who more an idiot and the one person who said you all live in the same complex! Hahahahahahh…and the one about posts from the future! Hahahahahah

For all those people who say that is inconsiderate how trying to live in a place where people who are like you who think they are better than you because they live with two people in a two-bedroom apartment when people with families need to live too maybe they’re allowed to have noise but when you were a kid you were loud and how you are talking you sound like out of your ass like you were told not move when u child. I know a family who was Raising four kids while her husband was overseas that was all she could afford so all you ignorant people who think because kids are allowed maybe you should think of what their families feeling and how hard it is for them. Is in this world everyone needs help so why don’t you keep your comments to yourself because one day it could be your family who lives next to someone who is like you. And people with racist comments get a freaking life because this is the twenty-first century and everyone should get along because we are God’s children and I might be renting a little because people like you make it hard for people like everyone else to find a place because there they’re stuck in the damn Dark Ages just like you are .

You are all stupid!!! Point blank!!!!

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