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Food Poisoning and Can I Sue

Posted on : 05-12-2007 | By : askinglaw | In : Personal Injury

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I believe I got food poisoning from a fast food restaurant in Delaware. I was thinking about contacting a lawyer what would you do?

Earlier this week I ate out in Wilmington, DE, and I believe I contacted some type of food poisoning. I have been sick all week and with a stomach flu. When I went to my doctor he told me that it could have been from something that I have ate. The big problem is when I don’t work I don’t get paid.

Now I’m down at least a thousand dollars for the week because of food poisoning. Should I contact an attorney to see what I can do about this and can someone explain to me if there are different types of food poisoning? Perhaps this can help me figure out how and where I got sick and if it was from the food I ate in the beginning of the week.

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There are several different types of food poisoning. I will break this down for you.

Escherichia Coli = E. Coli is the number 1 type of food poisoning in the world. You can actually die if you get E. Coli. What you need to do if you think you have E. Coli is look at your bowel samples and if you see blood there is a good chance you may have E. Coli. The main cause is eating undercooked meat.

Salmenella can cause you to go to the hospital because it can be very painful. You will get diarrhea, cramps and a fever. It can cause severe illness if you are very young or very old.

Norovirus – you will have a stomach flu and diarrhea. If you have chills and a little fever and you become tired quickly you probably have Norovirus.

In any event if you can prove that the food you ate at the fast food restaurant caused food poisoning than you can sue. You will want to contact a Delaware personal injury lawyer. The problem with this though, a lot of personal injury attorneys won’t take food poisoning cases because they are very tough to prove. Typically when a case is filed on a restaurant for food poisoning there should be more than just one individual filing a claim.

If you are the only one that got food poisoning than how can they prove exactly how you got the food poisoning. It may still be worth contacting a Delaware personal injury attorney to see if you have a legitimate case. Good luck

If I were you I would contact a Delaware Food Poisoning attorney. I have included a really good lawyer search engine called http://www.targetlaw.com. If you became very sick and your doctor believes you got food poisoning than you may be able to file a personal injury claim in Delaware.

I had a similar situation and I also considering contacting an attorney but when I spoke to a friend he told me it was nearly impossible to prove that I received food poisoning from the place that I ate at. I actually was eating Chinese, chicken dumplings, and I became seriously sick.

If you contact a lawyer and he takes the case, post your result on this website.

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