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Does Shoplifting increase during the holidays? I would assume that shoplifting increases during the holidays as people get desperate to buy gifts.


Shoplifting at Walmart, will this show up on my record? I was caught leaving Walmart with some items I was tooling to a room my picture was took and they scanned my id to see if I ever was caught shoplifting at Walmart it was my first time they let me go and...


Target shoplifting - Walmart From this website it seems like Walmart has a lot more shoplifting questions/issues. Why are there almost no questions about Target shoplifting? Is Walmart stricter?


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False shoplifting charge

Posted on : 01-30-2010 | By : askinglaw | In : Criminal Law, Legal Questions, Shoplifting

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My Sister was in Macys with her friend. Her friend took something from the store and my sister had no idea. The people in the store brought them both in the back office and went through her purse as well as the girl who “actually stole something” My sister had no part in it and it was HER BIRTHDAY to make the day more embarrassing. We both know people in loss prevention and was told it is illegal to go through a purse or detain someone without cause.. Is that true. ? she was embarrassed and had other friends that had to watch her go through this. Again she did nothing wrong and had no part in it. PLease let me know. I am so angry at someone treating her like a criminal

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Based on your post both the detainment and search was likely legal. to be certain click on my username it will take you to a forum site just for retail theft issues. The experts there will have your answers

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