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Does Shoplifting increase during the holidays? I would assume that shoplifting increases during the holidays as people get desperate to buy gifts.


Shoplifting at Walmart, will this show up on my record? I was caught leaving Walmart with some items I was tooling to a room my picture was took and they scanned my id to see if I ever was caught shoplifting at Walmart it was my first time they let me go and...


Target shoplifting - Walmart From this website it seems like Walmart has a lot more shoplifting questions/issues. Why are there almost no questions about Target shoplifting? Is Walmart stricter?


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Can my boyfriend’s wife put a restraining order on me so I can’t be around their son?

Posted on : 09-20-2013 | By : askinglaw | In : Child Custody, Child Support, Criminal Law, Divorce, Family Law, Legal Questions, Restraining Orders

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Now i say wife but both parties see each other as ex’s and the only reason they haven’t gotten a divorce is because she refuses to sign papers because she is content with threatening him into paying non court ordered child support while she is now 1 month pregnant with her “fiances” baby and living with him. Neither party has money to sue into dragging someone to court. But since she told my boyfriend she was pregnant i messaged her once asking her nicely if she could consider working something out so they could get divorced soon before this baby is born. She then went off on a tangent that I’m a b*** that needs to stay out of her personal life. She threatens my bf with taking his son away so he wont yell at her. can she really file a restraining order on me if i haven’t threatened her?

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She can attempt to do so but wont likely prevail. In mean time you need to remove yourself from their issues. If you continue to get involved if this does go to court your involvement could be an issue and cost your BF custody or other issues. In mean time don’t worry about her signing anything your BF can file for Divorce and get her served. Once served its done she can not show up to court and your BF will win. I assume there is no property so the Divorce should be simple except for child custody and related issues. By the way if she has that child while still married to your Bf he becomes the Father not real Father. Any child born in wedlock the husband is presume Father and it would take a court order and money out of his pocket to change that. He needs to file right away. If you still need answers click on my username and someone will help you

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