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Can merchant charge credit card without authorization?

Posted on : 01-23-2010 | By : askinglaw | In : Bankruptcy & Debt, Credit Card Debt, Legal Questions



I recently discovered a charge for $944.65 to my Visa which I did not authorize. I called the bank’s customer service and was told to explain the situation in writing. In November when I was at the showroom, I used my credit card to pay a deposit of $944.00 on custom window treatments. I was not told by the salesperson that my credit account information would be put on file and the dealer would use it again nor did I authorize usage of the card for anything but the $944 deposit. I was given no agreement nor did I sign any document giving the dealer permission to make future charges on my credit card. In December, the installer showed up to our home with part of the order incorrect. Both my husband and I have called and e-mailed the sales rep several times but she has not gotten back to us. Meanwhile, my Visa was charged for the balance of $944.65 without my permission. The bank claims it’s a “quality of service” issue and will not investigate whether I did indeed authorize the charge. Was it legal for this merchant to charge my credit card a second time without my knowledge? Do I have any recourse?

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I had the exact same thing happen to me. Did you get an answeer on this ???

Exact same thing happened to me also!!!…..And the bank explained the same thing……”Quality of Service” issues. It’s an extremely frustrating situation, and I’ve definitely learned a tough lesson. I will be a lot more hesitant to give out my Visa number before receiving the final product/service.

Would love to hear any more input.

You need to take a legal action against the business. Find a cheap lawyer to call the merchant, to show them youre taking this matter seriously.
File a police report. BE PROACTIVE! for future, always use credit cards.

We had the same thing happen to us – we put a depost on shuters for our windows using visa. The company turned up to install the shutters, and without even asking, charged the credit card again for the balance – before the job was even finished. We called the police and they didn’t want to know – said it was a ‘civil’ matter, get a lawyer.

RCI used my credit card fraudulently. I got the money back but they need to be held accountable for this practice.

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