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I was injured in a car accident. what is going to happen... This is confusing so I hope you understand it. I was a passenger in a truck. We were slammed from behind as we were stopped. The accident was the driver of the other cars fault. She was speeding and not...


Child custody issue, Can a dad give a14 year old daughter... Can a dad give a 14 year old daughter a drug test and state more are to come while she is on his visitation without the consent of mom? She gets straight A's, on stucco, JV cheer leading and has won...


How to Find Car Accident Attorneys in Illinois If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you shouldn’t wait one more second to find a firm of car accident attorneys in Illinois to represent your case. Every minute that passes, you’re probably...


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i made a substantial purchase of precious metals from a “reputable” broker

Posted on : 04-14-2014 | By : askinglaw | In : Bankruptcy & Debt, Business Law, Contract Law, Law Question and Answer, Terms of Service


i made a substantial purchase of precious metals from a “reputable” broker in NYC. the entire transaction was handled online via emails. after some confusion i asked for a refund due to the delay of my order being delivered. I was cut a check from said “reputable” dealer for the full purchase amount, made a copy of the check & deposited it without incident. i then received my order in full delivered insured UPS & signature confirmation. so i now have the full order & full refund. What is my obligation at this point? i am not asking for a lesson in morals. . what does the law say. Thank you.

Mother’s estate. Does she need a lawyer?

Posted on : 04-14-2014 | By : askinglaw | In : Law Question and Answer, Wills & Estates

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84 year old Mother lives in Oklahoma. Owns home (80,000), gets a little over $1200. a month in royalty, no debt, $12,000. savings. As far as her estate what does she need to do. She has 3 daughters want to split estate 3 ways evenly. Should she go to a lawyer or just make out a hand written will signed and witnessed? Thank you.

Copy paste website

Posted on : 04-14-2014 | By : askinglaw | In : Copyright Law, Intellectual Property, Law Question and Answer


Good morning,

I have developed an application which “copy-paste” the arrival/departure data from an airport website and use my website to display the copied arrival/departure information.

The source airport’s website does not post any information regarding copying of their data from their website.

Can I keep doing the above action or is this against the law?

Note: for people to access my website, which also displays the arrival/departure data, I charge a fee.

Both my website and the airport’s website operate from Florida.

I appreciate receiving your answer.

Expungement question, what is the statute of limitations?

Posted on : 04-14-2014 | By : askinglaw | In : Background Check, Criminal Law, Expungement, Law Question and Answer, Statute of Limitations


I had a record expunged for criminal dam to prop under 300 that was 15 years ago. I just had it expunged 2 years ago. I got a record expunged two years ago. Now the Illinois state police and attorney general are petitioning to put it back on. What is the legal right for them to do this and what is the statute of limitations? thanks

How can I access 1920 Philadelphia divorce file?

Posted on : 04-14-2014 | By : askinglaw | In : Divorce, Law Question and Answer


How can I access a 1920 Philadelphia divorce file involving a deceased grandparent? I want to look at the file for genealogy purposes. In Philadelphia, divorce files are sealed. I filed a petition with Philadelphia Family Court. What do I do if it is denied?