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Shoplifting at Walmart, will this show up on my record? I was caught leaving Walmart with some items I was tooling to a room my picture was took and they scanned my id to see if I ever was caught shoplifting at Walmart it was my first time they let me go and...


Target shoplifting - Walmart From this website it seems like Walmart has a lot more shoplifting questions/issues. Why are there almost no questions about Target shoplifting? Is Walmart stricter?


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Shoplifting, what should I do?

Posted on : 10-12-2015 | By : askinglaw | In : Criminal Law, Law Question and Answer, Shoplifting


What should I do if I get caught Shoplifting?

is it legal to import this?

Posted on : 10-12-2015 | By : askinglaw | In : Business Law, Law Question and Answer


I want to know weather it is legal to import 6-apb into the Northern Territory in Australia

After being thrown out by friend how long before he can throw possessions out

Posted on : 09-09-2015 | By : askinglaw | In : Landlord Laws, Law Question and Answer, Real Estate Law, Tenant Law



After being thrown out by friend, that invited an individual to move into an extra room in the house that they were renting so that this individual can get back on her feet until she can get a bed in rehab, how long before he can throw her possessions out. After an argument last night she was thrown out around 10 p.m. and he stated that if she did not come pick up all of her belongings by noon that he would be throwing them into the trash. Does she have any legal protection in Baton Rouge Louisiana as she has no car and he is also stating that if she returns any later to the property he will have her arrested.
In the words of this poor girl:

“…he just drops me off doesn’t hug me just tells me if I’m not back today at twelve to get the rest of my s#!t the landlord will throw it awaywhy did he ever even sell me dreams about actuallu having a stable home and fixing my court s#!t etx. Ive had enough broken promises and heartache in my life …i didn’t need any extra!!!!”

verbal agreement, cancel a check?

Posted on : 09-09-2015 | By : askinglaw | In : Business Law, Contract Law, Law Question and Answer



Is it against the law to cancel a check after a verbal agreement has been made to do said work for a residential homeowner in Louisiana?

Settlement against me, car accident

Posted on : 09-04-2015 | By : askinglaw | In : Bankruptcy & Debt, Car Accident, Criminal Law, Garnishment of wages, Law Question and Answer, Personal Injury

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About seven years ago my wife borrowed my car while I was sleeping (she had no license). It was my birthday and she drove to the mall with my daughter. Pulling into a parking spot the adjacent car had its driver’s side door open. My wife hit the cross section of the door damaging it. When I arrived I told the owner I’m sorry about what happened and I would pay out of pocket for damages. The car was a junker. I told her to get two or three estimates from prominent repair shops. She brought me one estimate for $1800 with an itemized list of repairs which were basically fixing everything on the car. Being naive I told her to go after my insurance company as I believed the car and not the driver was covered.

Months later we received a summons to appear in court. My wife, who has mental illness, refused to go to court. Our credit was trashed at that time and she figured so what. I begged her to go to no avail. We then received a judgement against us for $31K. Suddenly both occupants of the car had injuries. I told my wife we need to get a lawyer and appeal. She still wouldn’t go to court. Two years later this settlement against me cost me my drivers license. Luckily a lapse in auto insurance caused my vehicle to be put in her name. I’ve been driving since with no license but still paying for insurance to maintain “legal” status. My hope was to offer her $5K to be done with this. Unfortunately things happen and we never got to attempt that.

Today my debit card wasn’t working and called the bank. Was told my account was frozen and the girl I owe the settlement to was the reason. I had about $1300 in the bank. I’m broke right now and will call work to stop direct deposit for now so I have some money. Can my wages be garnished? Don’t really want to pay her as its fraud on her part but I’m screwed. Any advice or options would be greatly appreciated. I paid off my house three years ago and it’s in my daughter’s name, to be safe, I guess.